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OrganHerb Organic Comfrey Salve (Gavez) 4 oz

OrganHerb Organic Comfrey Salve (Gavez) 4 oz

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OrganHerb Organic Comfrey Salve (Gavez) 4 oz

Comfrey is a marvelous herb and is one of the best-known herbs of all time. Comfrey salve is the ultimate natural solution for sore muscles, bruises, and irritations. Made with organic comfrey and plantain, this salve deeply penetrates and nourishes the skin, providing long-lasting relief.

Comfrey salve helps reduce swelling and soothe aches and pains, making it perfect for post-workout recovery or for easing the discomfort of arthritis. Its skin-healing properties make it ideal for treating cuts, scrapes, and bruises and reducing the appearance of scar tissue.

Our comfrey salve is gentle and safe for all skin types and is free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives. It's a must-have for anyone looking for a natural, effective way to soothe and protect their skin.

Directions: Apply externally 3 times a day or as needed. Rub until the skin absorbs the salve.

Ingredients: Organic first cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, Certified organic comfrey, Certified organic plantain, Natural Yellow Beeswax filtered for purity while the natural color and aromas of honey are preserved, Natural Vitamin E T-50 Mixed Tocopherol Oil, Non-GMO.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Denise Ballings
Saved me from neck surgery!!!

I wrote a review on 6/15/2021 but wanted to give an update. Back in 2017, a neurologist did an MRI and told me I would have trouble with my neck due to a car accident back in 1986. I was already having some issues with my neck so it was no surprise.
What WAS a surprise was Gavez (comfrey/plantain salve). I started using it on my neck on a regular basis and my neck actually improved. It is now 2024 and I continue to use this salve. As an herbalist, I was taught that comfrey has the ability to heal tendons, ligaments, and even hairline fractures in bones. Well, now I know this is true from personal experience. I no longer have to use the salve every day but if I notice any kind of strain or crackling sounds, I'm right back on it until they subside. It eases muscle aches very quickly. I'm nearly 70 and still lift sometimes half my weight. I work in my garden and still look at the stars at night without issue. I couldn't do that in 2017.
As my previous review indicated, I also have an old Achilles heel injury that the Gavez salve has helped. I no longer limp in the mornings until I get it stretched out. This salve may be just what you are looking for. It certainly was for me. Thank you OrganHerb!!!

Julie Williams

Love this salve. Used on sore joints.

Kelly Barnett
This is magical stuff!

I don't ever be without this stuff as long as I live

Christopher Moore
Try it!

I used it to promote healing of a muscle in my foot. After soaking for 30 minutes, I rubbed the comfrey on. Be sure to use a clean sock or something because it is greasy. Within a week of using this, the muscle was healed!
I use this for old scars, burns, and internal injuries.

Diane Schmidt

Great stuff. It has kept the swelling down on my fingers. Can't wait to get cast off so I can put it in my hand.